World Environment Day ’19

Happy World Environment Day!
Read below our little tips on our day to day things, to help our planet one step at time…
1 / Keep Cups
In order to minimise wastage we always have a mug and a jar handy in our bag for when those coffee or smoothie cravings hit!
2 / Conscious Shopping
We make an effort to buy from local markets or sustainable grocery stores whilst being mindful with what produce and shopping bags we use. 
3 / Take 3 for the Sea
This inspiring movement inspires us to collect 3 pieces of rubbish with us every time
4 / Re-use & Recycle Fashion
We often pull out that pre loved tee and love to swap clothes with others! We love a good second hand store and always try to purchase consciously. 
5 / Smart transportation
Walk, ride, catch a bus, carpool… any of these beats driving every time you need to get somewhere! We communicate our daily movements with family, friends and workmates.
We encourage you to keep these tips in mind, not just today for earth day but for all days to come! 
All of us at ROWIE Xx