COVID Safety Update

COVID Safety Update
At ROWIE The Label, we respect everyone's individual right to make their own choices and we ask for your kindness and understanding as we navigate new compliance obligations for businesses as part of the NSW reopening. 

Condition of entry requirements for non-critical retail are effective from 11th October and this means that if you wish to visit our boutiques from this date, you are required under the guidelines set out by NSW Health to be double vaccinated or have a medical exemption. 

If your decision is to not be vaccinated, please know that we acknowledge and respect your decision fully, however this means we will have to wait until restrictions are lifted on 1st December to welcome you back in to our boutiques. 

During this short period, we invite you to shop with us online at with the support of our Customer Care team who are available for personalised styling and fit advice via live chat or phone on (02) 6685 8258.

Our boutiques have always been an intimate space for everyone to experience our brand and product and we look forward to welcoming our entire community, regardless of vaccination status, from 1st December.

As a business, we face a significant risk of penalties for non-compliance and our team appreciates your support with these measures in this tricky time for us all to navigate.

When visiting our boutiques, we ask that you continue to check in using the QR code and wear a face mask before entering the store.

Safety Measures in Place
Service NSW QR Check In
Regular Cleaning
Hand sanitiser on entry
Masks Available
Thank you
ROWIE The Label
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