Behind the Shot - Spring 2021

Behind the Shot - Spring 2021

Step inside The Sunseeker, the stunning location of our 'Seeking The Sun' Spring ’21 Campaign. We chat sustainability, aesthetic, inspiration and local craftsmanship with the talented co-owner, Jessica Frid, on how she created a holiday experience that honours the past, embraces the future and celebrates the local community. 
Can you tell us a little more about your herb garden and composting?
At The Sunseeker, we have four oversized garden beds available for guests to rummage through, of which three are nourished by Subpods (built for home composting). Our leftover coffee grinds from our Take Away coffee cart contribute to our compost on a daily basis so we’re minimising waste.
How do your beehives work?
We also have two Flow Hives on the property and this year we will receive our first batch of honey! We have been promised a strong harvest which we plan to use in our coffee cart, bar and add to our complimentary in-room offering! 
Flow Hive and Subpod are both incredible Byron Bay-based innovative companies. 
You’re expanding your bungalows, tell us more about the materials used and who are helping you to create a sustainable space.
We are working with local sustainable building experts Balanced Earth, who also worked on the initial renovations last year. They brought creative solutions to every part of the project, such as hemprcrete insulation in our bungalows. 
They have used sustainable and recycled timbers whenever possible. We have again used old Italian terracotta tiles for our bathroom floors. Our kitchen joinery panels are recycled and have been re-purposed for our use.  
Where does the vibe and style of Sunseeker originate from?
The Sunseeker was born out of a desire to create a meaningful space to holiday in our bustling town, inspired by our family holidays and favourite destinations—from simple local campgrounds to beachside huts in north Ibiza—as well as our love of mid-century Californian design. Places that are stylish, effortless and pleasurable, where the fanfare is minimal and the quality is memorable. The poolside palm trees. The dark local timbers. Those classic pink and orange hues. We dreamt up a vision to honour the past, embrace the future and most of all, enjoy the moment. 
You mention you use local artists and craftsmen - do you have some names of your fave local businesses?
Throughout the project we have collaborated with local businesses, including Balanced Earth (builders and designers), Tory Bauer from Dance Card (creative consulting magic), Muse Muse (branding, graphic design and artwork) and Land Company (landscape architects and builders). Also, some other incredibly talented people like Paige Miller from the Dusty Road (upholstery) and Woody the Blacksmith from Eastern Forge who made our amazing bookshelf. 
What is your favourite thing about the Sunseeker - how does the community vibe make you feel?
The Sunseeker is a place to truly feel welcomed and relaxed, whether you’re travelling with your family, group of friends or on your own. The Sunseeker is a sanctuary of calm.



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