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The Bali Tailor is a team of artisans who produce all ROWIE footwear. The Bali Tailor produces bespoke pieces for ROWIE conceived by the our team in Byron Bay.
Rowie liaises with Leah Hills, the creative director of the Bali Tailor to create ROWIE’s custom-designed footwear. Together, they work closely with the production team to develop each design and ensure the quality and durability of the footwear. 
This collaboration continues until the designs are ready for production.
 This collaboration continues until the designs are ready for production.
The Bali Tailor is a collective of local, Indonesian leather and suede artisans who work out of small, family-operated factories. Local resources and artisans are utilised in order to support the local community and the island’s economy. The Bali Tailor is constantly working to improve their ethical, environmental and social work standards for its hard working team and their families. Each piece is made in a small, family-run production house yet many of the makers choose to work out of the comfort of their own home. This flexibility enables makers to care for their families and children while their partners continue to work in their respective fields. 
Photo Credit and Information on the team via The Bali Tailor

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