In honour of all the wonderful women in our lives...

In honour of all the wonderful women in our lives...

Kirby Daniels AKA Kirby Collective is a woman of many talents and continues to surprise and inspire us…
Amongst being a mother to baby Levi and 3 year old Olive, Kirby runs her vintage store – Sybil and Johnny, styles photoshoots and creates magic in every room with her visual merchandising skill set.
We chatted to her about finding the balance between creativity and motherhood, the rewards of being a mother and what advice she would give to her two little girls today.
Creativity has always been with me, even before kids and so I place a lot of importance on keeping that flame ablaze as it can so easily fizzle out when the busyness of motherhood and home life start to pile up. For me, I feel it’s my duty to keep that flame burning bright to show my girls how important it is to prioritise the things you love even when giving your whole self to your family.
The most rewarding part of being a mother is that feeling, amongst all the cuddles, smiles and daggy dancing; of a second chance at childhood.The chance to be a kid again but truly taking it in and enjoying it even more. Seeing the girls experience things for the very first time is incredible, especially when it correlates with something in your world that you love too, that’s an instant heart warmer.
I’ve found myself blogging a lot more now that I am in this beautiful stage of breast feeding, with my main muse being my vintage store Sybil and Johnny. I’ve also been lucky enough to get creative at work with my visual merchandising roles and styling gigs which helps me to constantly think in a creative realm.
If there was one piece of advice I could give to my daughters today it would be to take in the world and always remain unapologetically you. Be open to others and their views because change is good, change is growth.
Words – Mon Barton
Photography – Lynden Foss
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