ROWIE The Label was founded by its namesake designer, Rowie Moore, in her hometown of Byron Bay, Australia, where she first began selling handmade pieces at market stores as early as 2003. From its conception, the brand has gathered a loyal following through artisanally crafted clothing that pay homage to the effortless style of coastal towns, while transcending international borders and seasonality.

ROWIE has grown into an internationally recognised label with four annual collections of ready-to-wear clothing, swimwear and accessories, released first and foremost in their global online store and two flagship Australian boutiques, as well as with retailers around the world.

A family-run business, ROWIE prides itself on using high-quality, small-run productions and artisanal craftsmanship, while sourcing sustainable, natural materials wherever possible.


The self-taught designer was raised in a community on the North Coast of NSW, where she started making clothes from a young age. Rowie left school at fourteen and delved into fashion design, exhibiting her first show at 17. The young designer eventually made her way to Sydney where she found inspiration at the ‘Oasis’ - a long-standing share house in Surry Hills that had been a haven for bohemian creatives since the 1970’s. Living at the Oasis, Rowie became immersed in the local creative scene and delved into fashion design, sewing, and pattern-making full-time - selling her pieces at local markets and making clothes for local performers. This period of experimentation and creative freedom fueled her artistic talent and creative drive, leading to the launch of ROWIE in 2013 from her hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. “I felt like I needed to create something unique and different. We as women are all so different but when you find a piece of clothing that feels good, it’s a wonderful feeling.”The designer finds inspiration from her many travels around the globe, the women around her, nature, and the colourful streets of Byron Bay. With her freewheeling style, you can find Rowie sketching designs on napkins on the run or locked away in her studio, entrenched in her creative realm. Rowie aims to celebrate the unique beauty of each woman and feels incredibly grateful to do so. “That’s what the ROWIE girl is...comfortable and confident in who she is.”


Byron Bay is home to ROWIE the label along with many other creatives Rowie often says "theres something in the water" The coastal paradise filled with natural beauty and an inspiring local community make ROWIE proud to call Byron home. We cherish our connection to this special area and the continued support from locals and visitors alike. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we live and work on, the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung nation, and pay our deepest respects to elders past, present, and emerging. 


ROWIE is a close-knit, small team made up of a collective of women and a handful of men working out of sunny Byron Bay. The family-run business has grown into a team of twenty bright minds and passionate creatives who share similar ethics, values, and a passion for the brand. A walk into the ROWIE stores or headquarters and you’re welcomed in like family, greeted with warm smiles into the world of ROWIE.

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