Weekend away in Paris with @shaantix

Weekend away in Paris with @shaantix

Travel is on the mind! Who isn't planning their European getaway! 
While we sit through the colder moments at home we grow inspired for the months ahead with @shaantix and all her tips for a one of our favourite destinations...Paris.
Bonjour! Our Paris trip was short but oh-so sweet, we loved every minute of it. I hope some of these tips help if you are ever visiting this incredible place, but my main piece of advice I could offer is just walk, walk the streets and you will find beautiful cafes, restaurants and shops. It’s hard to not enjoy your time walking around and letting the day and city take you out and about!
We stayed in a lovely area near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arr. This area was nice to be able to walk to the Eiffel tower and was surrounded by the sweetest streets and buildings. This area is great if you’re visiting Paris for the first time.
After walking around Paris and combining the research I did before our arrival, some other beautiful areas that I would love to stay in would be Saint-Germain-Des-Pres in the 6th arr. This area seems to be such a nice zone for cafes, restaurants and night life.
A dream of mine would also be to visit and stay in the 1st arr, also known as Le Louvre. Known for its luxury, this area is a smaller neighbourhood filled with so much history and walking distance to the Louvre Museum and the Seine River.
Paris has so many stunning areas to stay in it’s hard to choose from, however, after my time there I would definitely return to either three of these places!

You cannot go wrong with any beautiful café you see or boulangerie (bakery). Black coffee and a freshly made chocolate croissant is the only breakfast for me while I’m here, it truly defines your day and reminds you that you are in France for real, a divine feeling indeed. 
I couldn’t recommend a specific one as we went to soo many, walk around and pick any one that looks cute and feels nice, which isn’t hard to miss, I promise.

A picnic lunch under the Eiffel tower is a must while you are holidaying in the city of love! Shop for some beautiful fresh produce from a local market or stop in at a bakery, a chocolate store and a gorgeous little deli that sells all France's finest cured meats, olives, dips and other tasty French treats. Gather your favourite things while on your walk and take it to the park under the Eiffel tower. It will be busy, however the hustle and bustle makes it such a fun experience. 
Watching everyone picnic and experience the Eiffel tower together but separately is something I find so beautiful and it’s so nice to be a part of. Create your dream sandwich, salad or cheese board, pop a beautiful bottle of French wine and voilà, you are having the perfect lunch in Paris!
For dinner we went to such a fun local place called Bouillon Chartier, this place is renowned for it’s escargot (snails) and traditional French food. It was full of people so we instantly knew the food would be good. Shared tables, waiters writing your bill on the table and incredible yet simple food, this was the place to be and eat!
It was such a fun and French experience, we tried escagot for the first time and absolutely loved it! Oh and the crème brulee, seriously delicious. I definitely plan on visiting this restaurant again and have been recommending to everyone since visiting!

We had three days in Paris and I wish we had more, however, I felt like we nailed it. We saw all the must-see sights, we shopped 'till we dropped and we ate… a lot!
The first day we picnicked at the Eiffel tower, we took our time and walked around the streets, taking everything in and enjoying every moment, we walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe which was so beautiful to see and, of course, take some cute photos in front of. 
The second day we caught a cab to the Louvre but unfortunately it was closed, don’t go on Tuesdays! However we walked around the building and marvelled at the beautiful architecture and carvings. We walked from the Louvre to Notre Dame which was also still closed however walking around and looking at buildings in Paris is honestly just as amazing as seeing them from the inside I’m sure. 
Everything was so beautifully made and it’s nice to say that you’ve been to these places and tick them off your bucket list. 
On the third day we shopped! The 8th area Champs-Elysées is a beautiful area for shopping, and we also went to a Galeries Lafayette in the same neighbourhood. This place is a must if you love shopping and beautiful architecture, it’s the most beautiful shopping centre I have ever been in. The ceiling was all stained glass and surrounded by intricate carvings, filled with designer and unique brands, this shopping centre was incredible!
We also walked around Beaubourg, an area great for thrifting! Every second store was a vintage store or thrift shop, if you have the time to sort through some cool clothes to find a bargain, this is the area to check out!

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