Tour our Byron Bay HQ

ROWIE’s headquarters, set in Byron Bay, is more than an office—it’s a dynamic creative hub. The studio, designed with a vision of fostering collaboration and independence, serves as the beating heart behind the ROWIE brand. Together with architect Fraser Mudge, founder Rowie Moore transformed this former manufacturing workshop into a spacious, gallery-like environment that harmonises clean lines and minimalist aesthetics.

The space is home to ROWIE’s dedicated creative team, who are the driving force behind the brand’s distinctive designs. Additionally, it welcomes independent creatives who share the vision of a collaborative yet independent workspace. This shared environment is a cornerstone of ROWIE’s bigger vision: an inviting yet independent space where creativity thrives, whether through collaboration or solo endeavors.

Inspired by minimalist industrial art galleries, the studio’s design allows both people and garments to shine as the focal points of creativity and vibrancy. The architectural elements include dramatic ceiling heights with exposed steel beams and raked ceilings, softened by curved walls and plush built-in lounges. A neutral palette with accents of brass, brushed chrome, and earthy browns complements the minimalist finishes, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The mezzanine level, a spacious area divided into distinct zones by tall, slimline cupboards, offers versatile workspaces that encourage collaboration among teams. Oversized desks and communal work areas support the scale and functionality of the room, while custom-designed elements like the forest green velvet lounge and large wooden dining table in the shared meeting room enhance the studio’s unique charm.

Partnering with Morada Build, Rowie and Fraser meticulously brought their vision to life through an extensive renovation process. This involved comprehensive refurbishments, including gutting, rewiring, and expanding the floor plan from 490 to 640 square meters across two levels. The studio’s interiors feature high-end finishes and custom lighting, augmented by ample natural light.

Central to ROWIE’s ethos is the integration of a gallery and event space within the studio. This multifunctional area serves as a backdrop for photoshoots, exhibitions, pop-up pilates sessions, and various creative events, fostering engagement with the local artistic community.

As we step into this new chapter, our revitalised headquarters embodies the spirit of ROWIE—where innovation meets tradition and creativity knows no bounds. Every corner tells a story, every space is a testament to our journey. We invite you to visit us in Byron Bay and experience the magic firsthand. Here’s to new beginnings, endless possibilities, and the home where it all happens. Welcome to ROWIE.


Architect Fraser Mudge

Build Morada Build

Custom Furniture Fraser Mudge

Custom Lounges ROWIE x The Dusty Road

Interior Styling Accolade Design

Garden Design Cooke Landscape Architecture

Garden Construction Streatscapes

Vintage Furniture Lumini, Colecta Rara, Bodhi Living

Sculptures Anna Karinae

Studio Imagery Jeremy Wolf

Team Imagery Jamie Green