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Our apparel production in Indonesia is small-scale, family-owned and cottage-industry. Production is small-scale in order to ensure each item is made with utmost care, consideration, and attention to detail. From the start, Rowie has always respected the high-level of quality and craftsmanship by the artisans in Indonesia. Production in Indonesia grew out of Rowie’s love of the creative country and an old friendship she had formed with an Indonesian maker named Riza. 
Rowie and Riza first met in 2004 but it wasn’t until 2013 that Rowie decided to travel to Bali to produce her first collection overseas. Riza became the ROWIE Production Manager in Indonesia. “He is the loveliest man you’ll ever meet,” says Rowie, who feels grateful to do business with Riza, who is known for treating his artisans and seamstresses like family. Production meetings are usually followed by hour-long chats as Rowie and Riza connect over family, shared interests, and business. “We’ve grown together as the business has grown together,” making for an important and mutually beneficial partnership. 
the process
Every ROWIE piece is designed in-house at the headquarters in Byron Bay, Australia. After the pattern is perfected in Australia, each piece is sent off for sampling, approval, and production in Indonesia. Each garment is made in a small, family-run production house yet many of the seamstresses and garment makers choose to work out of the comfort of their own home. This flexibility enables makers to care for their families while their partners continue to work in their respective fields. 
Riza is the Production Manager in Indonesia. An industry-veteran, Riza is incredibly knowledgeable about the fashion and textile industry. Rowie and Riza work together as a team, brainstorming creative, innovative, and ethical solutions for ROWIE. Meetings with Riza are a family-affair - Rowie’s son always welcomes Riza with a hug and Rowie and Riza greet each other like old friends. 
The business partnership between Rowie and Riza is built on honour and respect. Rowie trusts Riza’s integrity and never bargains on a price. In return, Riza is committed to Rowie - fulfilling orders and all the needs of the business. 
Ashari is our patternmaker in Indonesia. We feel lucky to work with such a skilled and dedicated craftsman such as him.  

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